wedding video Czech republic // Dominika and Tomáš

When we met the first time, we didn´t talk about the wedding at all. We were talking about our lives, experiences, loves. And I didn´t want to leave them.
When we met the second time, they were shining the same way as the last time. It was at the Wedding Circus festival, they were holding hands and their love was so allpervading.
When we met the third time, I was sitting at dentist chair and couldn´t talk at all. But Dominika could. She was talking about the wedding preparations, about their friends, families, about their ideas and plans, about Australia and love. And she told me: “Jani, if you had a boyfriend, you would have to take him with you. I would like to get to know him. And we would be so looking forward to meeting him!”.
When we met the fourth time, so many tears were dropped. The crowd was singing, dancing, jumping to the swimming pool (even unwillingly), walking barefoot, talking around to the bonfire, drinking to late hours and nobody went sleep alone. And if so, they went with the understanding of the meaning behind everything. Because Dominika and Tom show the real, beautiful, sensual and deep love. This kind of love which inspires you and touches you somewhere really deep in your heart.

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