wedding video Amsterdam // Hannah and Seb

I was very pleased when Hannah, a charming bride, contacted me and asked me for making her wedding video in Amsterdam during New Year´s Eve.
Usually I don´t celebrate New Year´s Eve and to be honest I don´t like celebrating something because it is a must… So I didn´t even have to think about
saying no because of another plans for this day. When Hannah send me a photo of her and her partner Seb I have seen everything like a movie, full of
love and happiness.

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I arrived with photographer Eliska by the same flight and with the same exciting expression in our faces. When we left the train station the first thing we
smelt everywhere was weed. With the same expression in our faces I thought, why not and soak the smell with a smile. Before a day D we relaxed in
an amazing apartment in the heart of Amsterdam Hannah and Seb arranged for us.
We met with Hannah at the hairdressers for the first time. She welcomed us with a big smile on her face. I was amazed by her openness which is
something I miss in the Czech Republic. Afterwards we moved to Seb´s apartment where we could have seen the guys enjoying getting ready for this big
occasion. Guys were in a great mood, they were drinking beers and listening to the music. At one point I felt like being at a great party. I really
liked the way how they were getting ready – with seriousness but at the same time with ease and joy.
Following events were so intense…you may know the feeling when time is passing by so quickly and then you realize: „Wow, how come that the day
is already over?“


I heard the count down of the last seconds of the year 2014 vibrating in my ears for quite a while. I enjoyed seeing happy faces round, feeling lots of
energy and willingness to celebrate New Year together, with such a big joy. I stopped for a second and enjoyed this moment without shooting…just like
that… It reminded me one situation from my favourite movie – The secret life of Walter Mitty. Sean Penn as a photographer wants to make a picture
of snow leopard called ghost cat, which appears very rarely and Walter asks him: „When are you gonna take it?“
„Sometimes I don´t.
If I like the moment.
I mean ME. Personally.
I don´t like to have a distraction of the camera. I just wanna stay…in it.
Right there…Right here.”

Hannah and Seb, thank you very much for letting me to have a look into your beautiful relationship, to see how love could be so inspiring, how people
can have fun regardless how old they are and thank you for having a chance to spend awesome days with you in such an interesting city as Amsterdam is.
I wish you all the best from my heart ♥

wedding venue: Hotel Droog
wedding photography: Khiria
wedding planner: Het Bruidsmeisje
hair and make-up: Wild romance

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